Python and hedgehog, anyone? Exotic animal seller posts ad online and warns people not to report him

Submitted by Stomper Wayne

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Stomper Wayne was amused when he came across an ad selling exotic pets online.

The ad was posted on Gumtree, an online classifieds site, and included photos of a python and a hedgehog.

According to theĀ Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), hedgehogs are listed as one of the pets Singapore does not allow.

What interested the Stomper was that the seller, who goes by Steve, warned people not to be "busybodies" and report him or else he will just post the ad again or put it on another site.

He added:

"Get a life. Don't waste time. Thanks."

Although Wayne thought the ad was funny, he also believed that what the seller is doing is dangerous as illegal pets can introduce and spread diseases and affect the balance of the ecosystem here among other things.