Eunos residents spot Planet Venus and Red Moon from 16th-storey flat

Submitted by Stomper Roslan, Kannan

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As Halloween draws near, some unusual sightings have been frequently spotted, such as the Planet Venus and Red Moon. 

Stomper Roslan was at Eunos Block 31 when she spotted the Red Moon. 

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Also, Stomper Kannan happened to snap a few photos of the yellowish white planet.

Said Stomper Kannan:

“It was around 8pm on September 18 when I spotted Planet Venus with the bright star, Alpha Virginis. Like how a sun sets, Planet Venus would not have been visible if I were to take pictures at 8.30pm.”

“I enjoy reading up on planets. Also, one or two months from now, we might be able to see the three planets, Mars, Satan, Venus, and possibly two other stars,” Stomper Kannan added.