E-bike rider threatens driver for honking at him and even tells him that he is a CIA officer

An electric bicycle rider was caught on camera aggressively confronting a driver who reportedly honked his horn at him for riding in the middle of the road.

The video was uploaded onto road community Roads.sg's Facebook page today (July 8).

In the video the e-bike rider talks to the driver leaning through the car window and repeatedly asks him, "Is this your car" and, "Do you know me?"

After the driver tells him several times to leave his car and that he has called the police, the man threatenly says, "Next time I catch up with you, you are going to see what I'll do" and even tells him that he is a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) officer.

He finally backs off while continuing to threaten the driver and rides away on his e-bike.

Watch the video below.