Driver warns kids not to play dangerously at Jurong Point carpark -- only to get screamed at by their mums for honking

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Instead of educating her children that it was dangerous to play in a carpark, a mother turned her anger towards a driver who honked at them.

Stomper Huang Rong witnessed the incident at Jurong Point Shopping Mall's carpark on Sunday night (June 26) at 9.15pm.

According to the Stomper, one male driver had honked at two kids playing and running across the carpark, but their mother screamed at him for honking at her children.

She recounted:

"2 women in their 40s were walking in the carpark and did not look after their 2 kids. The 2 kids were playing in the carpark and both of them ran across the carpark dangerously, causing a young guy driver in his early 20s to suddenly honk at the 2 kids and he stopped the car.

"Instead of being thankful that the male driver did not knock his car onto her 2 kids and injure her kids, the 2 women in their 40s screamed at the driver for honking at her kids."

Incensed, the driver went out of his car and scolded the woman in pink for not being careful with the 2 young kids and allowing them to play in the carpark dangerously.

"The woman in pink screamed continuously at him and the woman in pink even pointed her finger at the male driver," said the Stomper. 

The driver started to take video of the women who were screaming at him. The woman in pink slapped his phone, causing his phone to roll under another car.

"Wah, it [the phone] was almost smashed by the car," the Stomper can be heard remarking in the video clip.

In the clip, the frustrated man can be heard yelling vulgarities at the woman, who was screaming right back at him while her kids watched.

Huang Rong said:

"This mother should be grateful that at least the male driver did not injure her kids and knock into them.

"She jumped the gun at the guy and scolded the guy for honking at her kids when in the first place, it's her fault that she allow them to run dangerously in the carpark.

"Not only that, she is not a good example to her kids because she displayed vulgar behavior in front of her kids."