Driver punches elderly man who honked at him for blocking one way road at Woodlands Point

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Update: The Police have clarified that they responded to a call for assistance over this incident at 11.23pm on Saturday at Woodlands Centre Road.

A police spokesperson said that upon arrival, a case of voluntarily causing hurt had occurred.

"The party involved was advised accordingly and no further police assistance was required," said the spokesperson.

Original report: A Facebook user made an angry post on his account to call out a driver who punched his father after a dispute outside the KFC outlet at Woodlands Point.

WqKen Chong posted some photos and a video that shows the scuffle between the man and his 55-year-old father, which Stompers Maui and Marcus alerted us to.

In his post, Chong states that his dad first sounded the horn as Honda Stream SGR8660P was blocking a one-way road.

The driver of the Honda Stream was not in the vehicle at that time, and only came back to the car a few minutes after hearing the honk.

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The man then allegedly told Chong's dad to wait as he was doing something, but "took his own sweet time to stand outside his vehicle with no intention of leaving".

Chong sounded the horn a second time, and the man told him, "Can you wait." 

The elderly man responded by saying no as he was rushing back, and this prompted the Honda driver to ask him to step out of his vehicle.

When Chong's dad did so, the Honda driver allegedly punched him twice in the face.

Chong's sister, who was the passenger in the car, called the police for help.

Another woman, who was with the Honda driver, could be seen standing by the side of the road when the scuffle occurred.