Driver goes oh-so-very fast to overtake cabby -- then ends up crashing and looking like a 'goondu'

For reasons unknown to anyone else but him, a driver thought it would be a brilliant idea to speed and show off his non-existent prowess.

A video posted on Facebook and credited to 'Jasper' shows the driver speeding down the road on the left-most lane, apparently because he wanted to overtake a cabby.

Unfortunately, his stunt proves to be foolish as he ends up crashing into the railing on the left before eventually coming to a halt further down the road.

It is unclear where exactly the incident took place but according to the video's time stamp, it occurred in the wee hours of Oct 29.

A caption accompanying the clip also referred to the driver as a 'stupid idiot' while netizens called him names such as 'joker' and 'show-off'.

While it is hard to feel sorry for the driver after his thoughtless behaviour, we do hope he is all right.