Driver hogs shelter at Tampines carpark on rainy day -- and refuses to move despite having no passengers

Submitted by Stomper Eurocabby

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Stomper Eurocabby alerted Stomp to a Toyota driver who allegedly blocked others from using a shelter on a rainy day at a carpark of a HDB estate along Tampines street 21.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said that the incident took place yesterday (May 6) at around 10.20pm.

He recounted what happened:

"I was going to drop a passenger at a HDB block when I saw the driver.

"After I turned into the carpark, I noticed that the Toyota driver had alighted his vehicle and was using his phone beside the car.

"I honked at him. He started gesturing at me and did not move.

"I had to reverse my car into a small space behind the Toyota to drop my passenger.

"After that, I went to talk to the driver."

In a video the Stomper sent, he and the Toyota driver can be seen having a slightly heated exchange of words.

During that exchange, the Toyota driver claimed in an angry tone that he has to unload his 'things'. He then said that he was expecting passengers.

When the Stomper asked where the passengers were, the Toyota driver walked away.

He then returned and asked the Stomper 'now what you want'.

Eurocabby said to him 'I am going to make you famous', and the Toyota driver then walked back once again to his car.

At the end of the video, the Stomper left these messages:

"The shelters in HDB estates are for public use.

"Let's be considerate towards others who need to use it too.

"Don't be like this guy. Not cool."

After the exchange of words, the Stomper said that the Toyota driver approached him once more, this time in a calmer manner. Eurocabby however, did not want to listen to what he had to say, and drove off.

Have a look at what happened below. The words and music were edited into the video by the Stomper.