Does this poor teddy at Plaza Singapura look a little... dead to you?

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Stomper Alvin was at Plaza Singapura yesterday (Dec 13) when several Christmas decorations caught his eye.

In an email to Stomp, the Stomper said that he saw huge teddy bears suspended from the ceiling of the mall.

Alvin felt that the way the bears were hung made them look like they were being strangled.

He recounted what his experience in an email:

"The bears were suspended from the back with ropes but when you look at them from the front, it is as if a rope had been strung around their neck.

"It gives a very bad image and negative influence when you take a second look at it. The bears seem to have committed suicide by hanging themselves.

"Many people walked past and did not seem to realise that but from different angles it is very unsightly. 

"I urge the team behind the decorations to relook and redesign, for example, the bears can be fixed on chairs or sitting in wrapped boxes and then suspended with cables. 

"This way it does not show signs of strangulation or suicide or any other negative acts.

"There were three or four of such bears at the mall."