Do these youths have the right to stop member of public from taking video of public event?

Stomper Roger was told by staff to stop filming a public exercise event at Jurong West Street 81, near Block 830, and wanted to know if they were allowed to restrict him from doing so at a public place.

According to the Stomper, he was filming the exercise event on June 12 when two staff members of the event organisers approached him and told him to stop doing so.

Roger said the exercise events take place at the open area next to the HDB blocks every Sunday, and that he had filmed it on previous occasions.

"The instructors for the activity change every month," said Roger.

"The staff approached me on a previous week to tell me the instructor was uncomfortable with me filming the activity.

"But on the following Sunday (June 12th), they said the participants were feeling uncomfortable with me filming.

"They then blocked me from filming, and the girl even put her hand up to cover my lens," added Roger.