Did you lose this diamond ring? Someone wants to return it to you

A woman has taken to Facebook in hopes of locating the owner of a diamond ring that she had picked up.

Netizen Dummy's Gummy found the ring in its Goldheart box and bag. However, it is unclear when and where exactly she found the item.

Stomper Ethel alerted Stomp to the Facebook posting, which reads:


"How unlucky can one get, if he was to lose his proposal ring right before he's on his way to propose?

"And how lucky can one get, to pick up this diamond ring just because everybody's eyes are glued to their phones?

"Well, I'm certainly the lucky one here. But boy, fret not, 'cos you are still in luck for I'm the one whom picked up your ring :)"

According to the netizen, she has contacted Goldheart for help in locating the ring's owner and is still awaiting their response.

If you are the owner of this ring, please write in to stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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