Daunted by Christmas dinner duties? Fret not, here's the 'atas' way to carve a turkey

By Rebecca Lynne Tan
The Straits Times

Carving a turkey can be daunting, especially so when doing it in front of hungry dinner guests.

Here's a simple guide on how to carve a turkey in this episode of askST.

Before you start, here are some tips:

1. Use your hand
Instead of using a fork to steady the bird, use a gloved hand. Not only does it make the carving easier, it also helps to prevent the turkey's natural juices from escaping through unnecessary pricks.

2. Use a shorter knife
When removing the legs, use a shorter knife for agility. A long carving knife can get unwieldy, especially while scoring the meat as you remove the leg from the body. Use the long carving knife to slice the meat.

3. Cut against the grain
When it comes to slicing the breast meat, remember to cut against the grain, perpendicular to the fibres. This ensures that the meat stays supple and tender. 

The Straits Times

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