Dads around the world take part in adorable new 'Cheerios Challenge'

Just in time for Father's Day. Fun things happen when you leave your baby alone with his father. 

Move over,  Ice Bucket Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge and more: This latest one to hit the Internet is the most adorable one by far.

Parents from all over are attempting the 'Cheerios Challenge', which involves trying to stack as many Cheerios on their baby's head or nose. 

Of course, it's easier to do it with a sleeping baby.

Patrick Quinn, founder of Life of Dad, said he got the idea for the challenge from playing with his 3-week-old son, Maxton.

“I put one Cheerio on his nose, and then tried to see how many I could stack, and it kind of just went from there,” Quinn said.

The #CheerioChallenge then blew up, with tons of people sending photos of their attempts to the Life of Dad Facebook page.

Check out the overload of cuteness in the gallery.

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