Cyclist who beat traffic light sent flying after car collides into him at Hougang Ave 7

A cyclist who beat the traffic lights at a junction in Hougang Avenue 7 after a car collided into him at 9.23pm yesterday (June 22).

A clip of the incident, which was recorded through the dashboard-camera of a driver who were also at that junction, was posted on

The video, which credited to Jeff Nzj shows the driver of a black car moving off after the lights turn green in his favour.

However, a cyclist shoots across the crossing at that junction, even though the traffic lights are showing the red man.

The driver ends up crashing into the cyclist, sending him flying.

He lands face-down on the road, and does not move after the impact.

The driver of the black car steps out, but looks lost and shocked from the accident.

The driver and passenger who were in the vehicle that had the dashboard camera which filmed the incident rush out to help the cyclist, who seems unable to move.