Cyclist left with fractured collarbone after metal rod on road sends him crashing at West Coast Highway

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A cyclist was left with a fractured collarbone after a metal road on the road caused him to crash at West Coast Highway at 6.28am on Wednesday (May 3).

Stomper Martin alerted Stomp to a video he posted on his YouTube account of the accident, and a post on the ANZA Cycling Facebook page with photos of the crash.

According to Martin, the ANZA Cycling group were cycling down West Coast Highway at around 40km/h when one of the cyclists hit a metal bar on the road.

The bar made the bicycle's wheel lock up, flipping the cyclist into the air before sending him crashing to the road.

The cyclist, Bruce Swales, had to undergo surgery for a fractured collarbone.

Martin also said that the injured man's bicycle, which cost about $10,000 in total, was completely destroyed in the crash.

"Many heavy vehicles travel down this road, and some occasionally spill debris on the road," added Martin.

"This is what can happen to a cyclist or motorist who hits the debris."