Cyclist knocks down auntie and uncle, tells crowd he is going to police station -- then disappears

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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It was not a walk in the park for an auntie and uncle who were hit by an oncoming bicycle on a Wednesday evening (Oct 12) at Gardens by the Bay. 

Stomper Anonymous who witnessed the incident recounted it to the Stomp Team.

Said Stomper: 

"It happened at around 7pm. The cyclist first knocked down an uncle from the back, lost balance and hit the auntie walking in the opposite direction."

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"As the crowd started to build up, he quickly claimed that he was going to police station and will be back shortly. Then he just cycled off towards Marina Barrage direction," Stomper added. 

Though there were no serious injuries, Stomper Anonymous hopes that cyclists will be mindful of their speed, especially at places like Gardens by the Bay, where many go for a slow evening stroll.