Hot topic of the week: Couple scolds elderly man for sitting at 'reserved' kopitiam table -- and guy even pushes him

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For many of us, we probably do not mind sharing tables with strangers when there is a lack of them at coffeeshops because this is part of Singapore's unique kopitiam culture.

Not for this couple, however, who blew up at an elderly man for trying to sit at what they apparently felt was a 'reserved' table.

According to a video posted by Thelocalsociety on Facebook, the incident took place at a hawker centre at Toa Payoh Lorong 8, though the date and time it occurred is unclear.

The clip, which several Stompers alerted Stomp to, starts off with the woman talking on her mobile phone, before ending the call and engaging in an argument with the old man.

Suddenly, her male companion rushed towards the elderly uncle from his back, giving the latter a hard shove and getting involved in the quarrel as well.

The elderly man was pushed forward from the impact, but managed to hold onto the table to support himself.

He then said, "She said [the table is] reserved," to which the younger guy responded, "Ya, reserved what".

The woman later also retorted, "People tell you that someone is sitting and yet you still want to argue."

A onlooker tried to break up the dispute and the video eventually ended with the elderly man leaving with his tray of food.

The video, which has been viewed 705,000 times on Facebook and garnered more than 17,000 shares, has sparked outrage, with netizens taking the elderly man's side.

Many slammed the couple for being disrespecting and said that pushing the old man was too much. They also pointed out that it was "just a table" that the couple could have simply shared.

One user commented, "Respect the elderly... if it's your parents being treated that way... how would u feel... where's the empathy..."

Another added, "Dress smart doesn't mean you have manners... It's sad to see this kind of "educated" people but lack of respect."

Let's be more gracious, everyone!