Pity all the Ah Mas and Ah Gongs in Bedok who have to take stairs because escalator has malfunctioned since early Dec

Submitted by Stomper Marc

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Stomper Mark has alerted Stomp to an escalator at Bedok Mall that has malfunctioned since early December this year.

According to the Stomper, the escalator, which leads to the, MRT station as well as the bus interchange and a market nearby, is being used by many residents including the elderly.

Mark said, "During this festive peak season, there are even more commuters travelling back and forth.

"There are also many elderly who live in the vicinity who need to go down to the market and it is an inconvenience for them."

The Stomper also mentioned that a lot of commuters find it hard to get down due to space constraint during the peak hours.

He wishes for the authorities responsible to take action.