Cheers to these heroes! Caucasian and S'pore guy stand up for woman hit by her BF

Would you have the courage to intervene if you saw a man hitting a woman in public?

For these two guys, the answer appeared to be a straight yes.

A video circulating on Facebook shows a tussle that is believed to have taken place at Orchard Road, after a woman was allegedly hit by her boyfriend.

In the video, two other men can be seen the berating the boyfriend, who is clad in red.

One of them, a Caucasian, also exchanges heated words him while his girlfriend tries to separate the two.

The girl is eventually pulled away by the boyfriend and they leave the scene together.

Netizens have applauded the two guys and hailed them as heroes for trying to help the woman, but many also criticised her for still sticking with her boyfriend.