Catch Steven Lim's final BIGO performance before he gets banned

Steven Lim has been banned from BIGO since yesterday (Sep 18) for unknown reasons.

According to a screengrab, he was banned for breaking BIGO LIVE's Community Guidelines which include: Sleeping when streaming a live video, leaving the camera for too long, and leaving the screen blank.

However, if you take a look at the videos on his BIGO stream, you'll realise he did not violate any of the above. In fact, he was actively entertaining his viewers the entire time with his singing, dancing and piano skills.

Is BIGO anti-Steven Lim? With a total of 6,265 views, he must certainly be entertaining his fans really well, so why did they ban him?

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"He did not leave the screen what? Why ban him?" One netizen commented on Hardwarezone.

Just in case you missed his final BIGO performance from yesterday, enjoy the following recordings uploaded by YouTube User Zephyr Lim.

We sure hope Steven Lim's not gone for good on BIGO, we'll definitely miss him.

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