Cat found with rod stuck in its testicles at Jalan Minyak in Outram

A resident at Block 4 Jalan Minyak in Outram found a cat with a rod stuck in its testicles on July 24.

The resident reported this latest incident of cat abuse to the Cat Welfare Society (CWS).

According to a Facebook post, the society has dispatched volunteers to look for the cat where they have flipped drain covers and looked on every floor, but they have been unsuccessful.

A caregiver found that the cat had been abandoned only recently on the 11th floor of the block and has been wandering around the corridors ever since.

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has also come down to investigate the matter but went away with no leads.

The CWS reported that one of their mediators has been conducting door-to-door surveys in the area to appeal for information.

The society wrote in its post:

"ABUSE HAPPENS EVERYWHERE but only Yishun cases get attention because of top-down support. ABUSE EVERYWHERE MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY." 

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