Car crashes into traffic light at Yishun Ave 11 junction after getting hit by taxi

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A blue-coloured car was hit by a taxi and crashed into a traffic light at the junction between Yishun Avenue 11 and Yishun Ring Road at 12.40pm on Jul 14.

Stomper Tony witnessed the aftermath of the incident and sent photos of what happened to Stomp.

The driver of the car has shared what happened prior to the crash:

"I was travelling along Yishun Avenue 11 and was crossing a junction. The traffic lights were green in my favour.

"When I reached the junction, a cabby beat the red light and hit the driver's side of my car.

"The impact caused me to crash into the traffic light.

"My wife and I sustained injuries and were sent to the hospital.

The accident left the wrecked car facing the wrong direction. The vehicle also ended up next to zebra crossing at the junction.

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