Car rams into woman at CCK junction -- and nearly hits 2 kids

Submitted by Stomper Jeremy, Edwin

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Stompers Jeremy and Edwin alerted Stomp to a video showing a car knocking down a woman at a junction in Chua Chu Kang, and nearly hitting two children. 

According to the timestamp on the video, the accident occurred yesterday (Mar 23) at around 6.45pm. 

In the video that has been circulating online, a woman and two girls can be seen using the pedestrian crossing at the junction of Chua Chu Kang Avenue 1 and Avenue 7. 

As an approaching silver car suddenly accelerates into the path of the trio, the woman reacts fast enough to push the two girls out of harm's way, but ends up getting knocked down by the vehicle.

The two girls can be seen turning around in shock, and together with the driver of the silver car, they quickly rush to the aid of the woman. 

Check out the video below.