Man who took a dump along Indus Rd probably could not tell tree from toilet

Submitted by Stomper Salleh

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Stomper Salleh witnessed an Indian man who was defecating in public along a stretch of Indus Road, River Valley today (Mar 19) at around 3pm. 

Salleh quickly snapped a few photos of the man and sent them to Stomp.

According to Salleh it was not the first time the man had taken a dump in public, and every time someone catches the culprit in the act, he would allegedly smile at them instead of covering himself up.

Said Salleh:

"He has been doing this for over a year, and sometimes I see him doing so at around 3am to 4am when I'm returning home.

“He waved to me just before I started taking the photos.

“There was a police patrol car nearby which sounded the horn at him, after which, he covered himself and went off.

"There are even open toilets nearby so I don't understand his actions at all."