Can you not drive recklessly? Lorry driver disregards passengers' safety and almost knocks car out of road

Submitted by Stomper Joachim

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Stomper Joachim was driving along an expressway on Nov 15, 7.44pm when he encountered a near miss accident. 

Said the Stomper:

"The lorry driver drove recklessly and almost knocked my car off the road.

In the video below, the lorry with passengers on board is seen speeding and suddenly coming too close for comfort with Joachim's car. 

The Stomper can be heard exclaiming in shock, and proceeded to sound a car horn at the reckless driver.

"I want to share this to tell other lorry drivers on our roads to not just spare a thought for other road users, but also consider their passengers' safety," said Joachim.

"One accident, one moment of rashness, and you take away the lives of sole breadwinners of families," he added.