Can talking to your friends about your sex life ruin your marriage?

Sunita Shahdadpuri
​Simply Her
​Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016 

When you were single, you may have shared your sexual escapades with friends, but after marriage, your husband may expect you to keep what goes on in the bedroom to yourself. Still, many women think that sharing what happens in the marriage bed with a close friend is no big deal. But it is.

That doesn't stop them from happily discussing their husband's penis size or the funky smell of his semen with their girlfriends. But talking about everything from his premature ejaculation or the fact that you haven't had sex in a year, can backfire and cause trust issues in your relationship.

Emotional intimacy is important to women, so it can seem natural to share information about sexual encounters to gain support and have a sounding board. And when it's done respectfully it can be helpful - talking and asking questions can help women figure out if their sexual practices and habits are 'normal'.

But while confiding in one or two close, trustworthy friends may be reasonable, it makes sense to limit the explicit details out of respect for your husband. Keep the private stuff private. Details about specific sexual acts, with descriptions of his private parts should be always censored.

Unless he is extremely open, there is no need for people whom he sees regularly, to know everything that happens behind your bedroom door. If you give too many details to your friends, they will never be able to look at your husband the same way again.

And if he has a sex secret that he wants to keep private ­­- such as a fetish or if he needs those little blue pills - disclosing this information is asking for trouble.

When it comes to social media, sharing funny anecdotes about the kids is one thing, but details of your sex life never belong online. Sex with your partner is a personal and private act, so keep it private. Your closest friends shouldn't know the specifics of what positions you use or be able to picture it in detail.

A good test is: How would your husband feel about this if he heard a recording of the conversation between you and your friend? If you think he would absolutely flip, chances are you should keep mum. Besides, sexual intimacy is stronger when the sweaty details are left between you and Hubby!