'Call girl' asks FB user to 'book' her, says she offers extra services like sex and massages

Submitted by Stomper S

Stomper S shared screenshots showing a conversation that a woman claiming to be a 'call girl' had with his male friend on Facebook.

She said that had 'something to offer' him and was looking for someone who wanted to book her for 'extra services' such as massages and sex.

With rates of $200, $300 and $400 for three hours, six hours and 12 hours respectively, she asked the guy, "Do you want to book me now, babe?"

However, the other party was not fooled and decided to have a little fun, hence leading to an amusing conversation.

Sad the Stomper:

"I want to report a new scam alert.

"The person will open a Facebook account and use pretty girls' photos.

"I believe the screenshots will tell you the whole story.

"Apparently I am not the only one who they tried to cheat."