Cabby restores woman's faith in humanity after refusing to accept payment knowing that her son is in hospital

A woman's day was brightened immeasurably by the kind act of a cabby yesterday (Aug 25).

Facebook user Izzah Lina shared her touching experience on her page.

She flagged down a taxi from Woodlands MRT Station to go to the National University Hospital.

The taxi driver asked Izzah why she was heading to NUH so early in the morning so she told him that her elder son was in hospital and had Eosinophilic gastroenteritis (EGE), a rare gastrointestinal disease.

She described her ride as a pleasant journey and the perfect way to start her day.

She took out her wallet to pay for the $23 fare when the driver refused to accept it.

He said:

"No, no. You need the money more than me. I hope the medical research team in USA find a cure for your boy soon. You must be strong and patient. Don't forget to pray."

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Izzah was shocked at his generosity and insisted on paying but he did not budge and insisted:

"No please. This disease is not easy, I know. You keep that money. I hope it makes things easier for you."

Izzah thanked him but still stunned, she forgot to take down his cab number.

She wrote in her post:

"I would very much like to compliment this selfless uncle. 

"That ride gave me hope again. Humanity does exist. 

"And God ease your burdens in ways you wouldn't expect Him to.

"Thank you uncle. 

"I hope you made $2,300 today."