Cabby punched twice in the face at Jalan Besar -- after asking passenger for exact location

Stomper Jia Yu said her father, who is a taxi driver, sustained injuries to his face and has a swollen nose after getting punched twice by a passenger at Jalan Besar on Tuesday (Aug 19) night.

The Stomper said the passenger got violent after her father asked him for the exact location he would like to be sent to.

The Stomper said:

"My father, a taxi driver, was driving along Blk 642, Jalan Besar opposite the food centre on Tuesday (Aug 19) at 11.10pm when he was punched twice by one of his passengers.

"There were four passengers in his cab -- two men and two women.

"The man in the front seat had requested that he take them to Commonwealth and when my father asked which area specifically, the man retorted, 'You're a taxi driver and you don't know where Commonwealth is?'

"My father then repeated again that he was merely asking for the exact location.

"The man, who seemed drunk at the time, was unhappy when he was asked again. He then punched my dad twice in the face before getting out of the cab."

According to the Stomper, her father wanted to get out of the cab to confront the man but the three passengers behind -- a man and two women -- had restrained him by holding him down in his seat.

The Stomper said:

"My father was left bleeding and till now, has a swollen nose.

"He then lodged a police report and went to the hospital to treat his injuries.

"I hope that any witnesses to this incident will come forth and I believe any information will assist the police with their investigations."

If you are a witness to this incident at Jalan Besar on Tuesday (Aug 19) at 11pm, email Stomp at