Couple cabs from Jurong to Changi Airport to 'take selfie' with T2 fire

A couple apparently decided to take a taxi from Jurong to Changi Airport to take a selfie as a fire was going on at Terminal 2 on May 16.

In an earlier article, Stomp reported that a fire broke out at the departure hall of Terminal 2 at around 5.40pm.

Photos and videos sent in by several Stompers show smoke in the airport and people getting evacuated.

The fire was eventually extinguished by SCDF using a hosereel jet at around 7.10pm.

Unlike many who were trying to leave the terminal as the fire was going on, the couple thought it will be a good idea to get a photo at the scene.

The cabby who picked them up took to Facebook to share what happened.

In his post on Singapore Taxi Driver, he said that he picked up the couple at Jurong West near City Harvest Church.

The cabby was instructed to go to Changi Airport, and started driving there after a discussion on which route to take.

When he was at Toh Guan Road, he sensed that something was amiss as the couple were dressing very casually. 

He started talking to the male passenger, and here is how their conversation went:

Cabby: "Ah di, you go T2 fetch your relatives or friends ar?"

Passenger: "No"

Cabby "You go there never bring luggage, not taking plane meh."

Passenger "No"

Cabby: "Dun mind I asking ar. you know you now travelling from the extreme west to the extreme east. Why ar."

Passenger: "Uncle, we heard on the news T2 on fire, we want to go there take selfie and see how bad is it."

At the end of the post, the cabby said that the total travelling time was about two hours as there were traffic jams along Lornie Road and Eunos.

The couple's taxi fare was $72.