Cabby alights taxi in the middle of Braddell Road and challenges driver to a fight after refusing to give way

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A taxi driver not only refused to give way to a car, he alighted from his cab and challenged the driver to a fight along Braddell Road today (June 24).

Stomper David shared the footage from his car's dashboard camera.

According to him, it happened at about 10am along Braddell Road towards Toa Payoh Lorong 8 and Lornie Road. 

In the clip, there were road works on the right. Other cars on the left lane had already given way to the vehicles in front of the Stomper's. 

However, when the Stomper tried to merge to the left, one cabby apparently refused to let him.

David said, "I signalled long ago due to road building to shift left but taxi driver never give way yet stop at middle of the road to challenge me to fight." 

In the video, the Stomper can be heard honking repeatedly at the cabby for not giving away.

This led to the latter swerving in front of David's car and then gesturing fiercely after getting down from his vehicle.