Breastfeeding on the MRT: Heartlanders tell Stomp what they think

A photo of a mum breastfeeding her child on the MRT has been circulating on social media, sparking heated debate over whether she should have fed her child in such a public space.

The photo shows the lady sitting beside her husband, with one side of her top pulled down and her left breast exposed as her child feeds.

The lady, Ms Cheryl Lee, has since spoken out on Facebook, saying that her primary concern is that her child is fed and that she does not care about what others have to say.

Stomp took to the heartlands to find out what Singaporeans think.

Opinions of heartlanders varied, with some saying that it was the mother's choice to feed her child as she deemed fit, while others suggested that she cover her feeding baby to maintain some modesty.

Watch the video below.