BREAKING NEWS: Huge fire engulfs several levels of CK building in Tampines

Stompers Eric, JW, Lim, Fauzi, Yst, Ray, Lydiana, Isabelle, Keith, Apid, Billy, Wilson, Adam, Edward, Lawrence, Sukhwant, Spade, AJ, Sankaramurthy, Catherine, Sherine, Kweh, Mary, Kelvin, Jones, Gilberto, Kelvin, Rachel, Hardian, Sarah, Geng Guan, Fathir, Eliyah, Shen, Noraizan, Yana, Chrisboi, Azhar and Nina alerted Stomp to a huge fire that broke out at CK Building located at Tampines Street 92 at around 1.45pm.

Photos sent by the Stompers show at least two levels of the building engulfed in flames.

Glass windows on several levels were also shattered

Thick black smoke from the fire can be seen from a distance away, reported Stomper Fauzi.

He told Stomp in a telephone interview:

"I first saw the smoke at around 1.45pm.

"At 2.15pm, the building was still burning."

Stomper JW said that the smoke was almost five storeys high and reported seeing around six fire engines in the area.

Said the SCDF on Facebook with regard to the huge blaze:

"The raging fire had been encircled by 6 water jets on the building exterior including the deployment of two aerial monitors.

"The high fire load of the premises includes paper products, household items and aerosol cans which had generated intense heat impeding an interior attack."

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