Brawl breaks out between two groups at St James, Police have to break them up

Submitted by Stomper Jayanthi

Stomper Jayanthi witnessed a brawl that broke out among several men at St James Power Station last Saturday night (Dec 3).

Police officers were called in to the chaotic scene and can be seen trying to separate those involved, in a video contributed by the Stomper.

Jayanthi told Stomp:

"I was at St James on Saturday and witnessed a riot between two groups which went out of control.

"Unfortunately, the management could not handle the situation and therefore police officers had to step in, but they seemed helpless as they were outnumbered.

"Those group of guys were heavily intoxicated and uncontrollable.

"Apparently such sights are quite common on weekends after the parties in the area, according to my friend."