Boy seen relieving himself in full view of other diners beside restaurant at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3

Submitted by Stomper TF

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Stomper TF was appalled to see a boy peeing beside a seafood restaurant, in full view of others who were dining, at Block 232 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 yesterday (Dec 27) at 6.46pm. 

Said the dismayed Stomper: 

"The boy was with an adult, probably his parent, who was queuing in line at the restaurant.

"He was in such an urgency to pee that he had to urinate beside Melbeb Seafood restaurant, where there were people having dinner."

Urinating or defecating in public is an offence Environmental Public Health Act and offenders are liable to a maximum fine of S$1,000 for the first conviction.