Biker hurls vulgarities at woman and calls her 'bas***d': But surely he must have a reason for getting so angry?

Submitted by Stomper Vimala

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A woman captured a biker on video blocking her way on Hougang Avenue 3 on Nov 17 and shouting at her, calling her 'bas***d'.

Although his behaviour was uncalled for, he probably would not have reacted in such a manner for no apparent reason.

In the video, he repeatedly calls the driver a 'bas***d' after saying that she almost 'killed' him.

He then threatened her to drive off despite his motorcycle blocking her way.

According to Vimala, the rider chased her across four traffic lights and repeatedly verbally abused her.

The woman does not believe she did anything to incite the rider to act so aggressively:

"I neither spoke a word nor gestured in any way to this rider, and my only "communication" with him was the filming of his vulgar behaviour."

Watch the video below.

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