Beware! Couple knocks on doors, claiming to provide town council 'sofa insurance' at Compassvale Link

A Facebook post began circulating on Facebook on Tuesday (July 12), alleging that some residents of Compassvale Link Block 267B have encountered a couple claiming to be running checks related to "sofa insurance".

Facebook user Fion Phua warned her neighbours that the couple, who claimed to be working with the local town council, had asked for access to the residents' homes to check their sofas for bugs.

She wrote that they also charged a fee for them to check these sofas.

A spokesperson from Pasir Ris - Punggol Town Council confirmed with AsiaOne that it was aware of the incidents and added that it was not working with anyone in the sofa insurance business.

The spokesperson said that a notice will soon be put up to remind residents to keep vigilant and report such incidents to the town council and police.

It is unclear who authored the original post, or if anyone has fallen victim to the scam thus far.

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