Be prepared to be electrified by these gorgeous lightning photos taken at Alexandra View

Stomper Horn sent Stomp three gorgeous photos of lightning he captured from Ascentia Sky Condominium at Alexandra View this morning at around 2am.

Other than snapping the photos of the lightning strikes, the Stomper also came up with fancy names for his images.

The first photo show titled 'Fractals in Lightning' show a thick lightning bolt resembling an inverted tree trunk.

The second photo titled Blue Hue shows a thin streak of lightning resembling a crack in the sky. 

The last photo, aptly named double dragon, shows two bolts of lightning striking from the skies. One bolt hit the top of a building. 

Other than the three masterpieces the Stomper took, he also sent Stomp photos of other lightning strikes he took last year.

Have a look at them in the gallery.



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