Are you sure I ordered this? Stomper orders hor fun and is disappointed by skimpy meal

Submitted by Stomper Steve

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Stomper Steve ordered mee poh chicken hor fun from Old Town White Coffee at Kallang Wave Mall this afternoon (Dec 7) and was shocked by the difference between the photo on the menu and what he got.

The photo clearly illustrates an ample serving of sliced chicken and three big prawns on top of a bowl of hor fun in a laksa gravy.

However, when he was served, he could not see anything except for laksa gravy.

He fished out three "puny" prawns and a few small pieces of shredded chicken.

He felt that the meal was very "downsized".

The bowl of hor fun, together with two cokes, cost him $16. He did not feel that it was worth his money.

"It was nothing like what was shown in the menu"