AMK Hub responds to Stomp report on escalator insert piercing kid's shoe

An AMK Hub spokesperson has responded to an incident where a metal piece from an escalator in the mall pierced through a 5-year-old's sandals.

Stomper M recounted the harrowing experience to Stomp in a phone interview and raised concerns about how she saw the escalator was in operation just hours after the incident.

The spokesperson issued Stomp with the following statement:

"AMK Hub confirms that an incident at one of our escalators on Basement 2 had happened on 15 December 2016.

"Immediately after the incident, the shopper was attended to by our security and customer service officers. There were no injuries sustained during the incident. We noted that the shopper’s shoes were damaged, our staff took the initiative to get a pair of footwear within the shortest time from a nearby shop so that the shopper will not be barefooted.

"Action was taken and the affected escalator was stopped immediately after it was reported. The mall’s escalator service provider, OTIS, was activated immediately to check on the escalators. The findings cited that the escalator and its gears were in good working condition. The damaged escalator insert was the only part replaced. The broken insert was replaced and a thorough inspection conducted to ensure that the escalator is safe for use before it resumed operation. The checks made included the gears, the steps and handrail alignment, as well as to ensure that there is no jerking motion when the escalator is running.

"The safety of our shoppers is of the utmost importance to us. While we regret this unfortunate incident, we hope that shoppers stay constantly mindful of their own safety and take the necessary precautions for themselves and members of their family. There are double-lined brushes to warn shoppers to stay away from the edges to prevent their footwear and clothing from being trapped in the escalator grooves and pre-cautionary guidelines affixed on the side panels.  With all these measures in place, we hope to remind shoppers to adhere to precautionary guidelines and exercise more care when taking the escalators especially with young children."