Ah Boys To Men actor and YouTube star break up in vulgar, dramatic exchange on social media

They are at each other's throats again but this time it might be for good because Nicole Choo and Ridhwan Azman have parted ways and of course, they made it public.

The social influencer and Ah Boys To Men actor have split up rather messily as Nicole blogged about their relationship just yesterday (Feb 2) and Ridhwan retorted back on Instagram

Nicole said, "Our relationship has been rocky and abusive mentally and physically, both ways, therefore no one should be pointing fingers about Ridhwan's past because I had a part to play as well, I also did hurt him the way he hurt me. "

She did confess talking to another guy and taking a break but added this, "After things got violent once again and I said I REALLY WANTED OUT but he tried every way to convince me to go back once again AND ME, a soft-hearted person, went back once again but my heart already said no, I didn't want it. "

Ridhwan felt attacked and defended himself by even stating she cheated on his bio for Instagram.

He claimed that Nicole hurt him as well and was biased because she punched him while pinning her arms on the ground. 

He did not understand why she needed to make their break-up public when they could have gone off on their own way amicably. 

The last time the two former Youtubers were in the hot seat was because of a prank where Nicole mentioned she was pregnant. 

Dee Kosh responded that time and he responded this time as well.

View the gallery above to view his response, full blog post, Instagram posts and their twitter war as well as netizens' comments.