A tale of two Lambos: How to park... and how not to

Are Lamborghinis hard to park? If you go by this photo, yes and no.

Posted on Beh Chia Lor today (Oct 40), the photo shows two Lamborghinis parked next to each other but one with an obvious parking problem.

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The blue Huracan is parked in the middle of two lots while the orange Aventador is parked neatly in its lot.

Some Facebook users slammed the blue Huracan driver for being inconsiderate.

One Facebook user even joked, "don't you guys feel that the driver failed the parking test".

However, others said the parking lot was empty and the doors of both cars made it hard for them to be parked side-by-side.

Other users took the opportunity to point out the orange Aventador's car plate did not pass LTA regulations.

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