A "lax" in judgement: Sweet husband tries to surprise wife with Snorlax plushies but doesn't realise they are giant-sized

A man has found himself in a mess after he tried to show a loving gesture to his wife by buying Snorlax plush toys.

Seller featherlit ended up with 1.5 meter toys and posted a listing on Carousell with a hilarious description.

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He said "My wife told me she likes Snorlax cause they look cute and dumb....Thought I could give her a surprise and buy her a few plushies."

He mentioned that he did not take notice of the high cost because "Pokemon was so pop and it was only normal their plushies cost an arm and leg".

"Now she's f***ing pissed off with me and is threatening to move back to her mom's home....Please please..... guys... buy them away before she divorces me..."

He priced the toys at $250 and advised potential buyers to "please drive a freaking LORRY/VAN" due to the toy's size.

The post has garnered over 500 likes and has been shared many times on Facebook.

Thankfully, the burden has been lifted from featherlit's shoulders as all the plushies have been sold.