54-year-old street performer arrested for disorderly behaviour at Orchard Road

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Police arrested a 54-year-old man for disorderly behaviour at Orchard Road yesterday night (Mar 11) at 9.22pm.

According to a Facebook post by user Eric Fong, which a Stomper alerted us to, the incident took place outside Takashimaya in the full view of a huge crowd.

The man who was arrested is a street performer, said Fong, who also apparently heard police saying that the guy was being a public nuisance.

In response to media queries, a spokesperson for the Police told Stomp:

"On 11 March 2017 at 9.22pm, the Police received a request for assistance at Orchard Road. A 54-year-old man was arrested for disorderly behaviour. Police investigations are ongoing."

Stomp understands that the man became agitated upon being asked for his license and identification card. He was repeatedly told by officers to calm down, but did not comply.