51-year-old biker dies after accident with tipper truck along Woodlands Centre Rd: Truck driver arrested

Submitted by Stomper Frankie

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Stomper Frankie alerted the Stomp Team to an accident involving a motorcyclist and a tipper truck driver along Woodlands Centre at 6am this morning (Dec 1), which resulted in the death of the biker. 

Said the Stomper: 

"I was on my way to work and as I was driving past, I saw that this (accident) happened. 

"As I drove past, I saw that there was a canvas placed over the biker's body. It was then when I knew that he (biker) was dead." 

Said a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) spokesperson: 

"SCDF was alerted to an accident at the junction of Woodlands Centre and Admiralty Road at about 6am. 

"One fire engine, one red rhino, and one ambulance were dispatched. 

"A Chinese male was pronounced dead on scene by SCDF paramedics." 

A Police spokesperson provided Stomp with the following statement: 

"On 1 Dec, 2016, at 5.58am, the Police were alerted to an accident involving a tipper truck and a motorcycle along Woodlands Centre towards Woodlands Avenue 3. 

"The 51-year-old male motorcyclist was pronounced dead by paramedics at scene. 

"The 47-year-old tipper truck driver was arrested for causing death by negligent act. Police investigations are ongoing."