5,000 bags of rice seized for trademark infringement

Friday, Nov 25, 2016

The authorities have seized over 5,000 bags of rice on Thursday (Nov 24) for trademark infringement.

The rice came in from a shipment imported from India to Singapore.

In a statement on Friday (Nov 25), Singapore Customs said the proprietor of the Singapore-registered trademark had suspected that the bags of rice were counterfeit goods infringing its trademark and subsequently lodged a notice to stop the importation of the goods.

Singapore Customs intercepted five 20-foot containers that were carrying the shipment of over 5,000 bags of rice, weighing about 129 tonnes, at the Pasir Panjang Terminal.

The rice was seized after inspection revealed that their packaging bore a sign similar to the registered trademark in Singapore.

The trademark proprieter confirmed the rice is counterfeit and is in process of taking legal action against the importer.