35-year-old driver arrested for drink-driving after falling asleep at the wheel

Submitted by Stomper Stan

A 35-year-old man was arrested in a case of drink driving at Holland Road after he fell asleep at the wheel earlier this morning(Sept 22).

Stomper Stan reported that a car remained motionless for more than five minutes after the lights turned green.

Other cars honked to wake up the driver and staff from a nearby Esso petrol station also went to check on him.

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He also said the police arrived and interrogated the man for an hour before taking him away.

The car was later towed away.

A police spokesperson said:

"On Sep 22, 4.57am, the police were on patrol along Holland Road when they conducted a check on a 35-year-old man"

"He was subsequently arrested for suspected drink driving."

"Police investigations are ongoing."