3 S'poreans including 2 children allegedly arrested in JB for failing to wind down rear window of vehicle

Stomper Zackery alerted Stomp to a Facebook post showing three Singaporeans arrested in Johor Bahru by immigration officers.

According to the post, the trio consisting of a woman and two children were in a vehicle when an officer told the driver to wind down a tinted rear window. 

The driver refused to do so and the occupants of the car were allegedly told to step out of the vehicle. The driver again refused to comply. She also pointed the middle finger at the officer, shouted vulgarities and sounded the vehicle's horn, reported the post. 

The occupants were detained thereafter. According to the netizen who made the posting, they were sent to a lock-up.

The Facebook post went on to say that the officers asked the Singaporeans for 'kopi money' in exchange for their release. 

It is unclear what happened after that.

A photo posted attached to the Facebook posting shows the trio in a room. Another photo shows a boy in handcuffs.