14-hour work days and other hardships of S'pore cabbies: One drove till blood appeared in his urine

If you went through these hardships, would you still be able to greet customers with a smile?

We've all heard the saying, "Taxi drivers purposely take a longer route to hike up the meter."

But before we jump to such conclusions, do we really know just what taxi drivers go through?

Stomper Cheryl alerted us to a video by YouTube channel Cinema H&S, titled 'SG Taxi uncle endures hardship', to give us a glimpse into the daily struggles of Mr Lim Poh Eng -- one of the many taxi drivers we tend to take for granted. 

Through her video, she hopes that "the community will gain insight on a taxi uncle's life, which is considered one of the most noble jobs in Singapore".

In the clip, Mr Eng talks about some of his everyday difficulties. 

"We'd be sitting here for quite long, 12 to 14 hours... [My relief driver] drive until blood appeared in his urine.

"Some of my passengers run away without paying." 

Despite various hardships, Mr Eng still explains how he still strives to help his customers in any way he can:

"I treat all my passengers like my family... I will make them happy."

Watch the full video below.