Singapore 'photographer' asks Malaysian cosplayer to pose with sex toys, tells her he wants to 'taste her body'

A man claiming to be a photographer based in Singapore reached out to Malaysian cosplayer Kino Mikii to model his "products" in a photoshoot.

At first, Mikii heard him out and asked for more details regarding the shoot but things soon took a weird turn.

She posted screenshots of the conversation on her Facebook page warning other girls to beware of the guy.

The man told Mikii that he wanted a "cosplay theme" to the photos and said that it would be done indoors.

He then asked her if she's free on Nov 24 and if she would like to model his "products" as well.

When she asked what product he was referring to he sent her photos of bikinis and sex toys, including dildos, and said that he wanted her to model them for him.

He said that if she was agreeable, he would pay her $2,000 but added that if she felt the money was too little, he could give her more.

She politely told him that she does not do shoots with adult toys or while wearing thongs.

However, the man pursued the matter further and asked, "Can I use my product to you after photo shoot (sic)?"

When she asked him what he meant, he said:

"We will have intercourse after photo. I want to taste your beautiful body.

"I love your boobs.

"What size?"

Understandably offended, Mikii told him she only does "proper" photoshoots and told him to cancel the shoot.

"You can take the money to hire some low model to have 'intercourse' with you."

Read the full conversation in the gallery above.