Singapore GP investigates after couple claims to enter track illegally by bribing security guard

The Singapore GP, organisers of the Formula One race here, are investigating a claim that a security guard was bribed into allowing a couple to enter the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

On Sep 17, All Singapore Stuff published a screenshot of a Facebook post showing the couple in question posing for a picture on the tracks near a Johnnie Walker advertisement board.

The caption on the post reads:

"3am in the morning. Bribed the security guard to let us onto track. He not only agreed, he took the photo. Non F1 fans won't understand this, but most of us will."

In response to a Stomp query, the Singapore GP said that they are looking into the matter.

Said a spokesman:

"The safety of our patrons is of utmost priority and we view allegation of bribery seriously. We are working with the appointed security agency assigned to the reported area, to investigate the claim."